Ferrito Martial Arts

Thank you for your interest in Ferrito Martial Arts. 
If I could punch Covid-19 directly in the face,
I would; trust me. 
I live in NW, and I wish the best to all of the small businesses here. I see some of them reopening, and despite my personal desire to reopen the dojang to new students, I think the most ethical way foreward is to continue making my “Hapkido House-calls” for current students and families. I am deeply hopeful that by the fall we’ll have a better handle on the health of our city, and I look forward to welcoming in new students to our Farang Hapkido family at that time. 
In the mean time, please continue to practice social distancing and frequent hand washing. I hope that your martial arts journey will lead you back to us when the time is right.
Love and respect,
Inst. Ferrito 

"Mario Ferrito makes everyone around
him better.  Everybody's 
'go-to guy,' he is a true master in instructional delivery. His rapport with students is second to none." - Master Patrick Schleeter; founder of Schleeter's Academy of Martial Arts

is fantastic with adults, teens, and
children and has that unique gift of being able to explain things to all levels of students." - Master Earl Boyd; Farang Mu Sul, Hollister. Ca.

"Awesome instructor
! Has patience with his students. Has a passion for what he teaches.
- Luis Espinosa; teacher & 
coach, Anzar High School

 Through your training in Farang Hapkido you will learn to use and defend against joint-locks, chokes, throws, take-downs, weapons, grappling, and striking.

You will improve self-confidence, mental toughness, concentration, balance, and situational awareness.

$149 Lifetime Membership Fee includes uniform top, uniform bottoms, uniform belt, required uniform patches, gloves, shin guards, mouthpiece, mesh gear bag, and IDSC dues for the year.

 Programs include Farang Hapkido, Cardio Kickboxing, and Women's Self-Defense, and classes specially designed for kids. 

Low monthly tuition and family pricing available.

Conveniently located at 407 NW 17th Ave.; Suite B7 - downstairs from Fish Sauce restaurant.

Contact us now for your FREE class!

(971) 704-1971