Come check us out!
Classes are Mondays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:45. Stop into any regularly scheduled class to see what we're about. You can join in and experience what we have to offer first before signing up!

Farang Hapkido Training:

The martial art of Farang Hapkido, developed by Master Patrick Schleeter, combines traditional hapkido techniques with the techniques of our parent organization: Modern Farang Mu Sul. In a consistent rotation, classes highlight on one of the following striking, grappling, weapons/forms, or practical application while always including joint-locks and self-defense techniques. 

Custom Experiences:
Private lessons, corporate/business settings, and specialty sessions are all options. While we recommend a well rounded experience, we can tailor your instruction to focus on women's self-defense, anti-abduction techniques, cardio and kickboxing, grappling, or soft, flowing, moving meditation - Tae Guk Kwan.