Farang Hapkido Training:
The martial art of Farang Hapkido, developed by Master Patrick Schleeter, combines traditional hapkido techniques with those of

Ferrito Martial Arts

our parent organization: Modern Farang Mu Sul. Students 13 years old and above train in the teen/adult class. Each class highlights striking, grappling, weapons/forms, or practical application and always includes joint-locks and self-defense techniques. Students under 13 years old train in the kids classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. New kids classes are forming now! 

Cardio Kickboxing:
Cardio kickboxing students learn to utilize proper striking technique while getting a great workout. Teens and adults train together in this class

Women's Self-Defense:
Classes are now forming! How many techniques do you remember from that one day self-defense seminar that you attended? You likely know that without consistent review and training, the skills you picked up and the confidence gained are both soon forgotten. Our women's self-defense classes allow for ongoing weekly training to retain the skills and confidence needed to put our techniques to work when you need them most! (This program is offered at half of the standard monthly tuition rate and the lifetime membership fee is waived.)

Monthly tuition includes one program from the list above. Students may enroll in an additional program for an additional monthly fee. All students may utilize open gym time for practice or individual instruction. Please see detailed schedule for class times...

Custom Experiences:
Private lessons, corporate/business settings, and specialty sessions are all options. While we recommend a well rounded experience, we can tailor your instruction to focus on women's self-defense, anti-abduction techniques, cardio and kickboxing, grappling, or soft, flowing, moving meditation - Tae Guk Kwan