Photos and Videos

Master Pinto, Instructor Matulich, and Instructor Ferrito in Busan S. Korea

Modern Farang at the Bulguksa

The first Farang Hapkido students in Portland - Jody and Katie
Last day at the Linden building

Belt Promotions - August 2015 (picture taken at the new space)
Belt Testing - December 2015

Belt promotions - December 2015 
Congrats Alex!

Farang Jang Bong Hyung

Farang Dan Jang Hyng

Being a great training partner is one of the best experiences in martial arts, but helping my teacher, Master Patrick Schleeter, do a demo for other masters at The Gathering of Masters in Sacramento, Ca. is a true delight!

Best party trick ever!
Belt Promotions - April 2016
Great test, Maddy!