Ferrito Martial Arts

Through your training in Farang Hapkido you will learn to use and defend against joint-locks, chokes, throws, take-downs, weapons, grappling, and striking.

You will improve self-confidence, mental toughness, concentration, balance, and situational awareness.

$150 Lifetime Membership Fee includes uniform top, uniform bottoms, uniform belt, required uniform patches, gloves, shin guards, mouthpiece, mesh gear bag, and IDSC dues for the year.

Conveniently located at 407 NW 17th Ave., Suite B7 - downstairs from Fish Sauce restaurant.


"Mario Ferrito makes everyone around him better. Everybody's 'go-to guy,' he is a true master in instructional delivery. His rapport with students is second to none." - Master Patrick Schleeter; founder of Schleeter's Academy of Martial Arts

"My 12 year old son and I found Ferrito Martial Arts over 3 years ago and it has become a huge part of our lives. Instructor Ferrito is a natural teacher, gifted martial artist and just an all around good human. Farang Hapkido has got to be one of the most complete martial arts out there. A perfect combination of real life self defense techniques mixed with effective striking, kicking, join locks, grappling, and weapons. We have intense workouts but look out for each other. We consider all of our fellow students and instructor our extended family. Monday and Thursday evenings are the highlight of my son's and I bonding time together." -Javier Alomia; Current Student

"I was lucky enough to find Ferrito Martial Arts about 3 years ago, it's been a blast. Instructor Ferrito is a wonderful teacher, during busy classes managing to be able to give one on one instruction on a wide range of techniques. I have found Instructor Ferrito to be a very patient teacher whether he is working with beginner adult or a blue belt pre-teen, he fits his teaching to the student. This class has been great at giving me a good work out while providing vital self defense techniques. Farang Hapkido uses an effective mix of joint locks, strikes, grappling, and weapons to develop a self defense style that can work for any body type and is flexible enough to be adapted to any situation. I feel fortunate to have found a martial arts family with this school." Jake R; Current Student

"Instructor Ferrito is fantastic with adults, teens, and children and has that unique gift of being able to explain things to all levels of students." - Master Earl Boyd; Farang Mu Sul, Hollister. Ca.

"Awesome instructor! Has patience with his students. Has a passion for what he teaches." - Luis Espinosa; teacher & coach, Anzar High School

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