Instructor Mario Ferrito

I started my Farang Hapkido training with Master Patrick Schleeter of Schleeter's Academy of Martial Arts in Hollister, California many years ago and have enjoyed training under our Grand Master Michael DeAlba - founder of Modern Farang Mu Sul. I have been lucky enough to receive training from myriad other masters, professors, instructors, professional fighters, and law enforcement training officers. The bonds I share with my training partners defy words. When I decided to relocate to Portland, I faced many challenges, but the toughest part was leaving behind my instructors and training partners. While I visit and train with them as often as possible, it is my time to "plant a flag" here in Portland and begin fulfilling my promise to promote Farang Hapkido and Modern Farang Mu Sul. As a teacher by vocation with a master's degree in education, I know what it is to structure, deliver, and assess learning, and I feel a responsibility to share what I know with others. I hope you'll make Farang Hapkido and Farang Mu Sul a part of your training journey here at Ferrito Martial Arts, whether this is the first step or you've been on the path for a long time.