The most fundamental and crucial piece of equipment (besides your body-mind-spirit) is your dobok. The Korean word "bok" means clothing while "do" means way, so your dobok is the clothing you wear while practicing the way. From white belt to brown tip blue belt, your dobok will consist of black tops and bottoms. Blue belts and above have the option of wearing "diamonds" - a traditional hapkido uniform top. Instructors (black belts) may wear any combination of black, blue, or white uniform tops and bottoms. Red is reserved for Masters, and Gold is reserved for Kuk Sa Nim - Grand Master De Alba. Your first uniform, belt, and patches will be included with your lifetime membership fee of $150. Please consult the sizing guide below. In addition to your uniform, the membership fee includes sparring equipment! Additional uniforms, patches, and equipment can be ordered through Instructor Ferrito.


Patches are required on all uniforms. The DeAlba Farang Mu Sul patch is sewn over the heart while the Ferrito Martial Arts patch is sewn between the shoulder blades. Patches are available for purchase from Instructor Ferrito.

Other Basics:

While some equipment is on site to borrow, students are expected to supply their own gloves, shin guards, helmets, and mouth pieces. After using some of our equipment, discuss your needs and options with Instructor Ferrito and check out equipment on the Century and MTI websites. Instructor Ferrito will place the order for you to save you some money.