Tenets and Ethical Rules


  1. Courtesy

  2. Integrity

  3. Perseverance

  4. Self-Control

  5. Indomitable Spirit

Ethical Rules:

  1. Loyalty to nation

  2. Obedience to parents

  3. Confidence in friends

  4. Do not retreat from enemy attack

  5. Refrain from senseless killing of living things

Farang Mu Sul Creed:

  1. Correctness in Attitude

  2. Excellence in Training

  3. Directness in Action

  4. Effectiveness in Combat

  5. Humility in Heart

  6. Strength in Character

  7. Freedom in Expression

  8. Thirst in Knowledge

  9. Power in Truth

  10. Respect in Wisdom

Student Rules:

  1. I shall obey the tenets of the martial arts.

  2. I shall respect teachers and senior belts.

  3. I shall never misuse the martial arts.

  4. I will be a champion of freedom and justice.

  5. I will build a more peaceful world around me.