Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees:

Monthly student tuition is $150 per month and generally includes two classes per week, approximately 90 minutes in duration, and an open gym opportunity.

One-time Membership Fee:

During the enrollment process each student will pay a lifetime membership fee of $150 that includes the student's IDSC passport, initial International DeAlba System Confederation (IDSC) annual dues, uniform top, uniform pants, uniform belt, Ferrito Martial Arts patch, and De Alba System patch.

IDSC Passports and Dues:

As a member school of the International De Alba System Confederation, IDSC passports and annual dues are required for each student. Attendance at seminars, tournaments, as well as testing and promotion results are all recorded in each student's passport and officially stamped by Grand Master Michael De Alba. The initial cost of a student's passport and first year of dues are included in the one-time membership fee of $150.

Testing Fees:

Testing only occurs three times each year - August, December, and April. Testing fees of $40 must be paid the week before a student's scheduled testing.

There are no refunds for tuition, fees, services or equipment.